Acharya Shree Yogeesh

With sparkling innocent eyes, a robust and charismatic personality, and an exceptionally loving and compassionate soul, Dr. Acharya Shree Yogeesh exemplifies an enlightened living master. He has been entering deep Samadhi states since he was five years old, and has continually studied Eastern philosophy all of his life.

Born in a Hindu Warrior class in Hariana, near Delhi, India, Acharya Shree became a monk in 1970 at the age of fourteen and has been traveling the world promoting non-violence, universal unity, and teaching eastern philosophy, yoga, and meditation since 1986.

Dr. Yogeesh completed his Acharya and received double Master of Arts degrees and a Doctorate of Philosophy in “The Six Substances of Jainism: A Comparative Study with Buddhist Texts.”

According to his personal philosophy of teaching, Dr. Yogeesh believes “If you can change one person, you can change the whole world.” Therefore, he is committed to the belief that the true wisdom of Lord Mahavira, Buddha, Krishna, Rama, Jesus, and other masters should be available and accessible to all peoples, regardless of nationality, language, color, or creed.

As a living Enlightened Master, it is Acharya Shree’s goal is to awaken the sleeping soul within everyone. Acharya Shree is a purified soul who is compassionate, kind, wise, and fully transformed. His message of non-violence and self-awakening has touched millions of lives.

From Article “Hindu Sangam Kumbha Mela in California Highlight Message of Sanatana Dharma” by Archana Dongre, Hinduism Today Los Angeles Correspondent

“Acharya Yogeesh, speaking in Hindi, fervently quoted thoughtful gems of poetry, especially from poet Maithilisharan, lending a sparkle and erudition to his speech that flowed with an intense sentiment for the motherland, and not just for Hinduism, glorifying Hindi, Hindu and Hindusthan. Beginning his speech with the first stanza of Ishavasya Upanishad, he quickly progressed to Ahimsa, saying, “There is no Hindu terrorist because non-violence is inherent in the very word Hindu. Ahimsa is the cornerstone of Jainism.” He further said, “The Hindu culture rests on four pillars, Ramachandra, who stands for Maryada (disciplined self-restraint), Krishna who taught us Karma Yoga, Buddha who taught us compassion and Mahaveer who stands for sacrifice.” In conclusion, he emphasized on harmony, peace and nonviolence. “

From article “Over 4,000 Hindus gather at Kumbh Mela” by K.B. Nair

“Dr. Acharya Yogeesh of Yogeesh Ashram implored the gathering to make sure the rich traditions and values of Hinduism as also their mother tongue and Sanskrit are passed on to children. He called upon devotees to wake up and work towards unity and to teach their children the virtues of Hinduism. Pointing to the several deities on stage, he remarked “See, they have no problem sitting together, the problem is the people who disagree with each other on religious matters.” He appealed to the congregation to join hands in Universal Hindu brotherhood and spread the message of all humanity being one.