Vasudeva is de oprichter van de non profit organisatie Blue Star. Blue Star heeft in veel landen in de wereld een afdeling. Vasudeva heeft zich tot doel gesteld om mensen te helpen bij hun spirituele zoektocht. Hij probeert dit te verwezelijken door het geven van lezingen retreats en meditaties.

We are conscious beings. As we create thoughts we can be aware of them. We can be aware of them arising within us. We can identify with them giving them more power or we can detach from them making them weaker. In the same way we are aware of our emotions. We are also aware of the body and can be attentive to its signals or we can ignore them. This ability to be aware is an important one to consider. It gives us the ability to position ourselves as a witness giving us objectivity and the power to choose what we give attention to or identify with. It also gives us the power to better manage our thoughts, emotions and physical well being.

As we strive to develop this witness conscious state within us we will find that it is possible to expand our awareness. We can be aware in a limited sense as when we identify ourselves as being primarily a physical being or our awareness can expand as we begin to realize that we are also mental, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual beings. As our awareness expands so does our power. We feel a greater ability to co create our destiny in the way we would like to.

As we become more aware of our mental being we realize that we can think in positive and negative ways. When we become more aware of our power of choice then we learn to keep our thoughts positive thus making us stronger. As we discover more of ourselves we become more powerful and able to touch the world around us in very positive ways. Awareness of our spiritual being gives us great freedom and power in the human experience as we become aware that we exist in the source of all possibilities.

The journey of life is a journey of expanding our awareness from a limited physical being to a spiritual being where we feel that all is possible. A powerful way to experience this shift in awareness is to seek the presence and guidance of those who live in that expanded state of awareness. If we are ready and receptive just being in their presence and being guided by them brings magical transformation in consciousness.

May you have the blessings of an expanded state of awareness as you seek to co create your destiny in the human experience.

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